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OriginLab Releases New Data Analysis and Graphing Software, Origin 2020b

Latest version includes Mini Toolbars for Worksheets and Matrixsheets, Data Connector Improvements, Browser Graph for Multichannel Data Exploration, Additional Mini Toolbars for Graph Editing and several Graph Customization Improvements, New Graph Types and Apps.

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts. May 5, 2020OriginLab, a leading publisher of data analysis and graphing software, today announced the release of Origin® and OriginPro 2020b. This latest version of OriginLab’s award-winning software application adds over 75 new features, Apps and improvements, further enhancing Origin’s ease-of-use, graphing, analysis and programming capabilities.

A key addition to Origin 2020b is Mini Toolbars for Worksheets and Matrixsheets. Users now have quick access to common operations at the cell, column, row, and worksheet level, such as toggling display of cell formula, categorical index, column list view, or Worksheet Organizer. With Matrixsheets, users can toggle matrix view, use image slider to view a stack of images, or X/Y coordinates. Key new Mini Toolbar buttons for graph editing have also been added, such as Wrap Text, Fit Page to Layers, Window View toggle, Show/Hide/Add plots in Layer, and Rescale to Show All. All Mini Toolbars can be customized by adding/removing buttons, allowing the user to create a setup that works for them.

Significant improvements have been made to Data Connectors. A Data Navigator panel has been added to the worksheet to view and change subsets of data to be imported, such as when managing multi-sheet EXCEL files. Users can connect to multiple files. CSV Connectors now auto-detect date/time and data blocks. The new Database Connector dialog allows the use of a connection string, an existing ODBC datasource, a custom ODBC connection without datasource or an OLE DB connection. Improvements were made to existing MATLABTM, HDF, Excel, and NetCDF Data Connectors, and new connectors have been added as apps for BioLogic, MDF4, MetroPro, and Minitab.

Origin 2020b introduces a set of Browser Graph templates that allow for quick and easy multichannel data exploration. Users can select columns to plot, such as selecting every Nth column. This new feature offers the choice of line and histogram plots with the ability to interactively turn selected plots on/off, sort plots using any metadata value, and adding data plots from the current sheet of other sheets/books. In addition, several graph customization improvements have been made, such as Wrap Text, a Curve Tool for creating editable freehand curve objects, droplines at specified points only, data highlighting in 3D graphs, and more axis break styles.

New graphs types introduced include: Bland-Altman Plot, Beeswarm Plot, Radial Lines and Bars, Bullet Chart (Vertical, Horizontal, and Normalized), Streamline Plot, 3D XYY Bar Chart. In addition, the new Correlation Plot App provides several variations to display correlation coefficients along with flexible labeling (significance mark, insignificant mark, correlation coefficient, and p-value).

New Apps available for 2020b are 3D Antenna Radiation Pattern, BioLogic Connector, Canonical Correlation Analysis, Correlation Plot, Direct Linear Transformation, Fit Adsorption Isotherm, Linear Mixed Effects Model, Linear Regression with Marginal Distribution, MDF4 Connector, MetroPro Connector, Minitab Connector, Modified Short-Time Fourier Transform, NetCDF Connector, Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling, Standard Curve Analysis, SVM Classification, X-ray Diffraction Analysis, and Zoomed Inset Plus. All apps are available for free to download as “add-ons”, from the App Center within Origin. In this way, users can customize the software to their needs.

Origin offers an intuitive, point-and-click interface for new users, combined with a wide range of powerful functions for advanced purposes. OriginPro includes all the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools. Origin and OriginPro are used by more than 500,000 registered customers worldwide, spanning Fortune Global 500 companies, research institutions, and colleges and universities across various disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, engineering, and manufacturing.


A free trial version (valid for 21 days with trial license, or 3 days without license) is available for download from the OriginLab website at Origin users with active maintenance service will receive a free upgrade to this latest version. Previous version users can obtain upgrade pricing by contacting OriginLab. For new users, Origin and OriginPro licenses are available as single user, concurrent (floating) network or node-locked (fixed) group. Academic, government and volume discount pricing options are available. For pricing information, please visit:

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 7; 1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor; 4 GB RAM (8GB recommended); 1 GB of free hard disk space; a USB port or DVD drive (if installing from USB stick or DVD). Some Origin features require installation of Internet Explorer 9 or later. Mac users can run Origin by using Microsoft Windows via Boot Camp or within OS X using third-party virtual machine software.

About OriginLab

Founded in 1992, OriginLab develops data analysis and graphing software for users in corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities worldwide. Its flagship products, Origin® and OriginPro, provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers at every technical level to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. OriginLab has offices in Northampton and Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Guangzhou, China. For more information visit, or join the conversation on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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