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OriginLab Releases New Data Analysis and Graphing Software Origin 2019b

Latest version includes HTML and Markdown Reports, Data Connectors, Clone an Origin Project, Validation Reports, faster ASCII and CSV import, enhanced Plot Menu, Split Heatmap Plot, Rug Plot, and Heatmap plots from XY or XYZ data.

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts. April 25, 2019OriginLab, a leading publisher of data analysis and graphing software, today announced the release of Origin® and OriginPro 2019b. This latest version of OriginLab’s award-winning software application adds over 75 new features, Apps, and improvements, further enhancing Origin’s ease-of-use, graphing, analysis and programming capabilities.

A key addition to Origin 2019b is HTML Reports. Now, users can create custom reports using either Markdown or HTML syntax that include graphs, analysis results, and metadata information. Reports can be embedded into a workbook for use as Analysis Template for batch analysis. Sample reports are included in the product for users to quickly get started with this feature.

Another set of enhanced features in Origin 2019b are Data Connectors.  These greatly enhance a user’s ability to import various data file types from either the web, or a local PC or network. File types now supported include CSV, Excel, ASCII/Binary, HTML, JSON, MATLAB, and Origin Projects. The file source and data selection details are saved in the worksheet, thus maintaining a live connection with the file. Data can be cleared when saving the project in order to reduce file size, and can be re-imported when needed.

This version also introduces several new graph types: Split Heatmap; Rug Plot (Add rug marks to axes); Soil Texture Triangle; Heatmap from XY or XYZ data; Custom Line segments; and Windrose with open circle for calms. Other key features in this version include cloning an Origin project to easily replicate graphing and analysis tasks, an enhanced plot menu, validation of analysis reports using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified values, and faster ASCII and CSV data import. 

New Apps included with the Origin 2019b installation are Speedy Fit; Fit ODE; Quanitile Regression; Hysteresis, 2D Correlation; Gel Molecular Weight Analyzer; Change Point Analysis; 3D Windrose; Concave Hull; Isosurface Plot; SAS XPORT Connector; and PLEXON Connector. All apps are available for free to download as “add-ons”, from the App Center within Origin. In this way, users can customize the software to their needs.  

“In this version we have developed a new framework for importing data into Origin, called Data Connector. This is an open framework that standardizes the process of developing tools for importing data from web and local data files,” said Dr. C.P. Yang, founder and CEO, OriginLab.  “Users can clear the imported data and keep just the analysis results and graphs when saving the project, to avoid duplication of data, and to reduce project file size. Since data is connected to the project, they can be brought back in if needed, at any time. We are providing Data Connectors for popular formats such CSV, EXCEL, JSON, MATLAB, and Origin Project files in this version. We will continue to work with our affiliates and Origin users on other popular file formats such as HDF and XML in the near future.”

Origin offers an intuitive, point-and-click interface for new users, combined with a wide range of powerful functions for advanced purposes. OriginPro includes all of the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools. Origin and OriginPro are used by more than 500,000 registered customers worldwide spanning Fortune Global 500 companies, research institutions, and colleges and universities across various disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, engineering, and manufacturing.


A free trial version (valid for 21 days with trial license, or 3 days without license) is available for download from the OriginLab website at Origin users with active maintenance service will receive a free upgrade to this latest version. Previous version users can obtain upgrade pricing by contacting OriginLab. For new users, Origin and OriginPro licenses are available as single user, concurrent (floating) network or node-locked (fixed) group. Academic, government and volume discount pricing options are available. For pricing information, please visit:

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows®10, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 7; 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor; 32-bit 2GB RAM (4 GB recommended), 64-bit 4 GB RAM (8GB recommended); 1 GB of free hard disk space; a DVD drive (if installing from DVD). Some Origin features require installation of Internet Explorer 9 or later. Mac users can run Origin by using Microsoft Windows via Boot Camp or within OS X using third-party virtual machine software.

About OriginLab

Founded in 1992, OriginLab develops data analysis and graphing software for users in corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities worldwide. Its flagship products, Origin® and OriginPro, provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers at every technical level to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. OriginLab has offices in Northampton and Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Guangzhou, China. For more information visit, or join the conversation on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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