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Starting with Origin 7 SR3, OriginLab's multi-user license types include FLEXlm license management from Macrovision Corporation. Furthermore, with the release of Origin 7.5, FLEXlm License management is included with all licenses, even Individual Licenses.

FLEXlm license management allows OriginLab to offer Origin in a very cost-effective manner to corporations and academic institutions of all types and sizes.

Install Origin on an unlimited number of computers and let FLEXlm manage your Origin license electronically! With FLEXlm, groups of users can install Origin on an unlimited number of computers and let FLEXlm manage your Origin license electronically for concurrent use. The use of FLEXlm for license management offers many benefits:


If you've come to this page looking for a FLEXlm license file, please click here.


"FLEXlm is the de facto Standard in Electronic License Management technology."

    - Macrovision Corporation

  • Tailor the number of users (in your license) to fit your needs.
  • Obtain Origin in a very cost-effective manner.
  • Install Origin on an unlimited number of computers.
  • Your company can be confident that it is running only legal copies of its OriginLab products since FLEXlm electronically monitors the number of installations running against your license.
  • Easily add more users as demand for Origin grows.
  • FLEXlm can be used to manage software from multiple vendors, thereby allowing you to standardize on one license management solution.
  • FLEXlm prevents most instances of software piracy, thereby allowing us to invest more in product development, as well as provide you with more features in future releases.

OriginLab's integration of FLEXlm for group licenses includes the ability to operate through a firewall, as well as borrow a license. Please see our licensing options page to learn more about these and other licensing options or contact our Sales department to speak with us directly.

See also - FLEXlm System Requirements



Macrovision FLEXlm Logo

Macrovision Logo

To learn more about our license options, please see our Licensing Options page. If you are interested in a price quote for a particular license, contact our Sales Department today! For other pricing information, please go to our Orders page.




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