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Academic Licensing: Coursework

We are dedicated to supporting the academic community. Explore our flexible and cost-effective licensing options.


For student instruction within the classroom

Licensing Option:
Node-locked (fixed-seat, computer-specific)

Coursework License Package

Students: OriginPro 6-month Learning Edition

Instructor: OriginPro 6-month License

  • Expires after 6 months
  • Learning Edition has a 12 window limitation
Apply for Package

See who is using the Coursework License


  • Available in US and Canada only.
  • Request for Coursework License must come from a Faculty member and include a copy of the course syllabus.
  • Instructor is expected to provide feedback at the end of the coursework, and allow OriginLab to list the course on our website. 
  • Licenses to be used for the purpose of teaching coursework and not for research. Please visit our Academic License page for other license types. 


Origin and OriginPro system requirements

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