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Connector to shapefile data.

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This App connects the Origin project to shapefile data (*.shp).


This App is pre-installed in Origin. You can launch it from the Data menu or from the App icon on the Connector tab of the Apps Gallery, located at the right-side of the Origin workspace. If you do not see the menu command or App icon, click Data: Connect to File: Add New.... The App Center opens listing only Connector Apps. Click the Download and Install button to install an App.

Basic Usage
  1. With a worksheet active, click on the Data menu.
  2. To connect to a local file, click Data: Connect to File: Shapefile and select the file. To connect to web data, click Data: Connect to Web and enter the URL. 
  3. In the Shapefile Import Options dialog, you can check the Load Attributes to import the columnar attributes for each shape, which is a dbf file. The dbf file has a name identical with the shp file. Both the dbf file and shp file are in stored in the save directory. To convert XY coordinates to longitude and latitude, check the box Convert to WGS84.
  4. Once the data is imported, you will see at least 3 columns in the worksheet: X, Y and Feature ID.
    X and Y are separated by missing values to represent different segments. Multiple segments may share one feature ID. For polygon shapes, you can create a line plot of the XY data, filling shapes by orientation and subsetting by feature ID.
  5. By default, connector-imported data are NOT saved with the project file. To save a workbook's data with the project file, click the connector icon in the upper-left corner for that workbook and uncheck Exclude Imported When Saving. Note that each workbook has its own Exclude setting.


v1.23 4/24/2023 Fixed bug on floating window.
v1.21 10/31/2022 Supported to import shapefile in geodetic format.
v1.2 Convert to WGS 84
v1.1 Bug fix.

Reviews and Comments:

01/15/2023OriginLabHi haifa00,

If you have Origin2021b (9.85) or higher version installed, you can download this App by clicking the “Download File” button on the top of this page, and then drag and drop the file into Origin workspace to install it. Once done, you can find and open the App in the App Gallery, which is docked at the right side of Origin.

01/13/2023haifa00How do I download it I need help
How do I download it I need help
The shp file has been downloaded and it needs a way to work on storing the files of each country

01/13/2023haifa00How do I download it I need help

07/11/2022noissevery it's a nice work ! @nnooisse