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Add commonly used constants or user-defined constants to Origin.

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This app provides a wide range of constants, which are used in the general scientific area. We can import a constant and use it as global constants variables in Origin via this app.


  • You can click App Center icon and search this app, then click Download and Install button to install this app.
  • Or you can click Download File button on this page and drag and drop the downloaded opx file to Origin.


  1. Click app icon to open dialog
  2. Select constants, you can use Search box to find out the constants you want
  3. Click Add to Origin button
  4. Restart Origin, then you can use it as global variables

If you haven’t found out the constant you need, you can add a new constant by yourself:

  1. Click + button, and enter the information and value as required, and click OK button
  2. If you want to modify the user-defined constant, click its edit button in the first column to open the Edit Dialog. 
  3. If you have imported this constant to Origin, please delete it from Origin first and then modify it.

To remove the imported constants from Origin:

  1. Select the imported constants (with checkmarks in the first column)
  2. Click Delete from Origin button


v1.1 fix bugs and cosmetic changes

Reviews and Comments:
05/24/2021dxc_iornmanThis APP working normally, if it can optimize the Units input mode, it should be better