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Extract data points from frames of video file.

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This App reads a video file into Origin.  A mouse click digitizes the coordinates, enters it on the worksheet and advances the frame, allowing the trajectory of an object to be digitized.

This App was designed and built in collaboration with Prof. Mark Kuzyk from Washington State University: 

Download the file Video Data Extractor.opx, and then drap-and-drop it onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

NOTE: This tool requires Origin version 2017 or later. If you have early version of Origin, please select Help: Check for Updates from Origin menu to first update Origin.


  1. Click the Video Data Extractor icon and select a video file (e.g. mov, mp4) to open.
  2. Preset the frame orientation and scale. 
  3. Specify the PickPoint mode and start clicking on the moving object on each frame.
  4. Click Finish to save the picked data points into worksheet.

Dialog Control:

  • Presetting:
    • Rotate: Rotate the frame to desired orientation. 
    • Move and Resize the scale vector: Set the scale in x and y direction and the recorded xy positions get rescaled based on the setting. Here user can either enter scale bar position or move the scale bar in the graph.
  •  PickPoints
    • FPS: Set frames per second.
    • Skipped Frames: Set the number of frames advanced each time in auto mode.
    • Start Frame: Set the frame index starting to pick points.
    • Auto mode: Frames is advanced automatically according to Skipped Frames setting. Single click to select point, double click to move to next frame.
    • Manual mode: User manually navigate frames (Click <L or R> button or press B and F key), click Pick button to start picking points. Click Undo button to undo the current digitizing. Click Reset button to start over.
  • Finish: Finish data pick task and go to worksheet.


v1.1 Fix bugs.

Reviews and Comments:
02/08/2021GabrivoleaFantastic App for biomechanics application. Thanks!