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Find the distance between two points on a 2D graph plotted in Cartesian coordinates.

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This App lets you measure distance between two data points in 2D graphs (line, scatter, contour, etc.). The data points can be located within the same data plot or in two different data plots. 

Download the opx file and then drag and drop it into the Origin workspace to install it. A new app icon will be added to Apps gallery.


  1. Activate the 2D graph (Cartesian coordinate system), and click on the corresponding icon in the Apps gallery.  This opens the App toolbar.
  2. Click the first toolbar button to add a line to the graph. Drag and move the end points of the line to points within a data plot, or across two data plots. The distance and dX, dY values will be displayed on top of the graph. Drag and move the end points 
  3. Click the second button to change the mode of the line.
  4. Click the third button to show/hide the text on the top of the graph.
  5. To remove the line from the graph, click on the fourth toolbar button.


v1.1: Supports measuring distance between two different data plots.

Reviews and Comments:

03/16/2018wang xin 

01/09/2017Hideo FujiiHi sdroste, You can ALT+DoubleClick the arrow to change the line width, color, etc. To change the font size, location, etc. first select "Edit: Button Edit Mode" menu, right-click to select Properties flyout; then turn OFF the Button Edit Mode from the same menu. --Hideo Fujii (OriginLab)

07/19/2016sdrosteGreat tool and long overdue that this is implemented in Origin. I would like to be able to specify the line width and arrow size of the line as well as the font size and location of the text that is displayed.