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Create and plot separate datasets for each segment of hysteresis data.

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Download the file Hysteresis.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.



  1. Activate the graph of hysteresis data.
  2. Click on the app icon.
    By default, the app takes all plots in the graph as input. You can remove one by clicking on the close button. The button next to Input allow you to specify the input data as well.
  3. Highlight a segment by selecting an entry in the results table.
    While the results table shows no more than 99 segments, all segments are included in the output worksheet.
    If Combine Connected Head and Tail to One Segment is enabled, the first and the last segments will be concatenated as one when their directions are both forward or backward.
  4. Click on the OK button to save the splitted curves.
    • The maximum number of unstacked segments is 8788.
    • The output graph is ignored if there are more than 676 unstacked segments.



Stacked result can be used in App Cyclic Voltammetry  for further peak analysis.



v 1.4: Update DLL dependencies.
v1.3 support data from worksheet as well as graph; bug fix.
v1.1 Improve performance.

Reviews and Comments:
07/15/2019snowliSorry saddd, Origin 8 was released 12 years ago. Some features in this app may need new features, etc. We don't have resource to develop, test and maintain apps for all versions.

Thanks, Snow

07/13/2019sadddHi, @Snow Thank you for informing me, but isn't there any way out, apart from getting a new version?

07/12/2019snowliHi @saddd, App is a new feature introduced since Origin 2016 so there is no App Gallery in Origin 8.

We keep on developing new apps for each version so please check the Minimum version requirement for each app before trying to download and install it.

Thanks, Snow

07/12/2019sadddI am not getting App gallery icon in origin pro 8,how can I get it, can any one guide me plz?

06/30/2019amirali405who has older version?