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Interactively examine selected sub range of a matrix as a 3D surface, contour or image plot.

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Interactively examine a sub range of matrix the partial area of a 3D surface, or a detail of a contour map drawn from a matrix by moving/resizing the ROI box on a matrix in image mode.

Download the "Plot Sub Matrix.opx" file, drag and drop it onto the Origin workspace to install it. An icon will be added to the Apps Gallery window.


  1. Activate the matrix window you want to examine.
  2. Change the viewing mode to the image mode. (menu: "View: Image Mode")
    Note: If your matrix contains an image, you will need first to convert to data (menu: "Image: Conversion: Convert to Data")
  3. Click the "Plot Sub Matrix" icon in the Apps Gallery. An ROI object will be added to the matrix. Resize and position the ROI as desired.
    NOTE: You can click the icon multiple times to add additional ROI objects to the same matrix
  4. Press the triangle button at the upper right corner of the ROI box, and choose the plot type. A separate graph window will open with a plot of the selected sub range. 
  5. Move or resize ROI object. The graph(s) will automatically update.
  6. To access the data for the sub range within the ROI, double-click on the graph to open Plot Details dialog box, and at the plot level, and press "Matrix" button at the bottom of the dialog.
  7. To close the ROI box, click "x" button at the top right corner of the ROI box. The plot will not be deleted when ROI is closed.

If you customize the graph and then change the plot type, the customization will be lost. To save customization for re-use, you can copy/save format from the plot.


2022/5/10, v1.2, add more menu items, for whether to reverse Y axis, show/hide close button, and close the app

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