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Estimate Tafel Extrapolation using tangent lines on a data plot.

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This app can be used to estimate the Tafel Extrapolation, and output the corresponding values (e.g. anodic/cathodic curve function, corrosion potential and current, anodic/cathodic curve's slope and angle).

Download the file "Tafel Extrapolation.opx". Then drag-and-drop the file onto the Origin workspace.


  1. With a graph window active, select the "Tafel Extrapolation" app icon from the Apps panel. A dialog will open. The dialog provides options for the app gadget.
  2. Click the Help button in the top right corner of the dialog to open the help file. The file includes an explanation of dialog box settings, plus an example.


v1.4: support for natural and 10 base logarithmic
v1.3: add option for keeping tangent line when output
v1.2: support for Icorr,a and Icorr,c
v1.1: fixed failed to open issue in Origin 2018

Reviews and Comments:
11/10/2022OriginLabHi gshafiee,
This App required Origin 2016 and later version. Origin 8.5 cannot use it.

OriginLab Tech Service

11/07/2022gshafieeI can't find apps panel in OriginPro 8.5

06/16/2022nakayama-kohei-jkHello. The line of the Turfelput extrapolation method becomes a curved line instead of a straight line. How can I solve it? Also, if log is used on the horizontal axis, is it not displayed properly? ??

06/15/2022OriginLabHi anstn0127, I am afraid this tool can not support log scale. Mainly because it is difficult to calculate the position of various objects, it is not supported by design. We can log the data before using this App. After log processing, there is an option to display the data before log processing. "Show on Graph: Icorr in Nonlogarithmic Form" under "ROI Box" tab of the dialog.

06/13/2022anstn0127Is it possible to extrapolate in log scale of x-axis? I'm getting weird anodic and cathodic tafel constant.


06/13/2022atefeh.hosseini9197tafel line


04/10/2022OriginLabHi, could you please send us the opju file you are working on and also tell us the detailed steps to reproduce the issue, so that we can further check what went wrong with this app?
OriginLab Technical Support

04/08/2022matin.yahyaviThe app calculates the Icorr always Icorr=1.000. How cxan I fix the problem?