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Time Series Data - Graphing and Analysis

Time series data is a data series sampled at a regular interval (hourly/daily/weekly/annually/etc.) over time. This type of data is widely used in fields such as finance, economics, meteorology, and engineering.

Origin supports a variety of graph types to visualize time series data, and a selection of tools for processing and analyzing such data.

Graph and Explore

Origin offers a variety of chart types. It is easy for user to create and customize nice graph based on time series data to visualize the trend of data change over time.

Time Series Plots

  • Line, Column, Area ...
  • Radial, Vector, Heatmap, Spiral bar...
  • High-low-close, Japanese candlestick, OHLC

Time Series Explorer

The Time Series Explorer in Origin enables users to graphically explore the time series data

  • Lower level displays entire time series
  • Set time interval for ROI using drop-down menu
  • Data for chosen interval is displayed on top layer
  • Use forward/backward and play buttons to flip through and explore data

Easily explore time series data using the Time Series Explorer Graph


Time series of hourly wind vectors


Heatmap for time series


Fill area with separate above & below colors

Reduce and Process

For densely-sampled time series data, especially those spanning a long time, Origin provides tools to slice the series and extract key statistics so that user can get an overview of the data trend quickly and effectively, and prepare the data for subsequent-research of the time period of interest.

  • Unstack date/time data based on time interval
  • Isolate periods of interest by data filter
  • Extract the date components from date/time data
  • Calculate the moving average based on time interval
  • Calculate the statistics based on time Interval


Extract the date components and filter values for specific time period


Unstack date/time data based on time interval

Analyze and Forecast

Origin provides the following Time Series tools to help users explore, visualize, and analyze their time series data.

Trend & Decomposition

  • Trend Analysis
  • Time Series Decomposition


  • Moving Average
  • Single Exp Smoothing
  • Double Exp Smoothing
  • Winter's Method

Stationary Test

Spectral Analysis

Univariate or Bivariate

  • Daniell Method
  • Lag Window


  • Autocorrelation
  • Partial Autocorrelation
  • Cross Correlation


  • Prewhitening

Lag & Differences

  • Differences
  • Lag


The Time Series Analysis app is a toolbox for time series analysis


Result of the ARIMA tool in Time Series Analysis app

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