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February 1999 Magazine Reviews:

German Origin Receives Highest Rating for Data Analysis and Presentation
The well known computer magazine throughout the German speaking countries, ct, has recently published an article comparing software for data analysis and presentation in their January '99 issue. German Origin 5.0 received the highest rating in 5 categories over the other programs: Axum 5, Gauss 3.2&3.5, HiQ 4.0, Igor Pro 3.13, Mathviews 2.45C, O-Matrix 4.01, and PV-Wave 6.

German Origin was rated the top program for operation, functions/features, user-interface, graphics, and documentation. You can review the complete article online - in German - as a pdf document.

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Powerful Data Analysis Routine Helps Locate Buried Bombs
Heavy bombing equipment during World War II in Europe, particularly Germany, left thousands of unexploded bombs buried underground and underwater. The bombs can be detected with magnetic sensors, but sorting through the huge amounts of data generated in area searches has proven to be by far the most difficult part of the task. Recently, a data analysis program has been developed that is capable of correlating global positioning system data to magnetic sensor readings to identify likely bomb site candidates in a remarkably short period of time. A key to the success of this application is the use of packaged data-analysis software, Origin, which is capable of interfacing to external C and C++ pattern curve fitting routines that operate at the required high rate of speed. See the complete article in the Winter edition of REMEDIATION. (pg 69-73).

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Max Planck Gesellschaft Joins Origin's List of Major Sites WorldWide!
OriginLab Corporation is pleased to announce that the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Sciences is now an Origin site! This society is an independent non-profit organization with 80 Institutes, research center laboratories, and project groups in Germany. Its members conduct basic research in sciences, arts, and humanities. We are proud to add this distinguished group of researchers and scientists to our list of Origin users worldwide.

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