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September 1999 Magazine Reviews:

Sensors Magazine Highlights An Acoustic Emission Data Analysis
Program Built with Origin!

Acoustic Emission testing is used to detect defects in such structures as high-energy pipes and containment vessels. Performing cluster analysis, which indicates whether or not there is a likely defect source at a particular location, using spreadsheet calculations requires you to manually search for the appropriate data segments in data sets containing 35,000 - 50,000 located events. With a new custom acoustic-emission analysis program, it's simply a matter of clicking buttons on the screen. The software automates most of the analysis, walking you through each step in the process and delivering the necessary plots as you need them. The new progam based on Origin provides several advantages. For instance, Origin uses a powerful programming language, called LabTalk, that provides access to virtually every function in the program. In addition, Origin provides extensive graphing capabilities, allowing you to adjust virtually any parameter of a graph by clicking on it with a mouse. The program has dramatically improved the speed and ease of acoustic emission data analysis. The time required to generate a cluster analysis had been reduced from hours to minutes, giving the engineer more time to understand the acoustic signal data. For more information on this article, please look in the September issue of Sensors Magazine.

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