The pattern( ) function can be used to generate patterned numeric or text data.

Note: In order to reorder the patterned data randomly, you can use the Uniform( ) function, to specify the seed as a data range.


//Fill in column A with numeric data with the data sequence 0 0 0.5 0.5 1 1 repeated by three times.

//Fill in column B with a defined string array
stringarray sa;
col(B)=pattern(sa, 2, 3);

//Fill in column C,D and E with quoted strings
col(C)=pattern("Origin|Lab", 2, 3);
col(D)=pattern("Origin,Lab", 2, 3);
col(E)=pattern("Origin Lab", 2, 3);

//Fill in column F with the data series in column B
col(F)=pattern(col(B), 2, 3);