The (Plot Details) Display Tab for Bar/Column

The controls on the Display tab at Plot level is only available for 2D column/bar or 3D XYY plot. There are five check boxes in this tab, which are used to control whether show the bars, connect lines between bars, midpoints of bar as symbols and drop lines from the midpoints.

The (Plot Details) Display2 Tab 01.png


Once you created a 2D or 3D YY bar/column plot, this check box will be checked by default. You can use this check box to turn off the bar display in the graph.


Specify whether to show symbols at the top middle of the 2D/3D bars/columns.

Connect Line

Specify whether show the connect lines to connect the midpoints of each bars in a plot. Once you selected this check box, the Line tab will show up to let you do subsequent line style settings.

For 2D bar chart, the color of connect line will automatically follow the border color of the bars by default.

For 3D XYY bar chart, the color of connect line will automatically follow the pattern fill of 3D bar by default.

If there are subsets in your 2D bar graph, in the Line tab, the Connect within Subset check box will be checked by default to add connect lines within the subset.

Example Plots:

  • 2D Column Chart with connect line and symbols
    The (Plot Details) Display2 Tab 02.png
  • 3D XYY Bars with connect line
    The (Plot Details) Display2 Tab 03.png

Drop Lines

Specify whether to add drop lines from the midpoints at top of the bars to the bottom axis or bottom panel. Once you added drop lines for the bars, the Drop Lines tab will show up to let you customize the drop lines.

Bar Projection in XZ Plane with Y =

Specify whether show the projection of 3D XYY bar in XZ plane and the position(Y=) of the projection bar. By default, Auto is selected, which means the projection bars will be plotted at Y= Axis Begin.

The (Plot Details) Display2 Tab Projection.png

Note: In this sample, the 3D Bar start from Y=-1500, so the projection bars at XZ plane started from Z=-1500 too. The XY plane which the projection bars are in, is at the position Y= .